Getting started with jEdit hacking: plugin compilation

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In the first installment of jEdit hacking series I described how to get jEdit running from the repo. However, jEdit wouldn’t be what it is without plugins. So, this time I’ll try to add a plugin. Compiled on our own, of course, not from the Plugin Central!

As described on the mailing list, there’s a problem with Sessions plugin in recent compilations of jEdit. The cause is probably API changes. The bug is fixed in the repo. I wanted the plugin, so plugin compilation happened.

First, let’s obtain the plugin. No surprise here, as the plugin is in the same repo, as jEdit itself:

mkidr plugins
cd plugins
svn co Sessions

The only thing we need to do to compile Sessions is to know the location of jedit.jar. After successful compilation of basic jEdit it should be in its build directory. If you followed the structure of directories presented in my tutorials (jEdit next to plugins), relative path is ../../jEdit/build/jedit.jar. For one-shot compilation the required property can be given on the command line:

ant -Djedit.install.dir=../../jEdit/build/

And… that’s it! One level above (in plugins) you should have Sessions.jar. After installation of Sessions from Plugins Central, close jEdit (make sure it is not running in the background!) and put the compiled JAR into ~/.jEdit/jars (see for details, also on Windows), replacing the downloaded one (you can make backup if you want). Start jEdit again and check in Plugin Manager if the version is greater than the one in the repo (1.5.1 vs. 1.4.3 from the repo, at the time of writing).

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