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Once in a while — well, at the end of a year, actually — Remember the Milk gently suggests you might want to brag to the community how many tasks you have completed in the passing year. Some treat it as a PR plug, some don’t, do as you want. What is interesting is the question: how many tasks others completed?

So I wrote a bunch of simple scripts to search Twitter regularly for #rtmstats, save the results and later parse the numbers from the tweets at large. The code is on the Github.

Below are two graphs showing the gather reports between 27 December 2012 and yesterday. Not much changes recently so I think those will remain accurate.

The first graph shows reports in time. It is a bit harsh, but when you change the roll period value in the field in lower left (i.e. the number of data points to average over) you will see the trend: the earlier the report, the larger number of tasks has been completed. This is of course expected, for when you complete large number of task you probably visit RTM more often and report faster.

The second graph shows the reports sorted by the number of completed tasks. The X axis describes the “top percentage” of the report, e.g. (45.7; 762) means that roughly that if you completed at least 762 tasks, you are in “top 45.7%”.

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