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Per-tags feeds in MovableType

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In Movable Type it is possible to generate a feed for entries matching a given tag only. For this to happen, just select some tag, e.g. from tags cloud and take a look at link named “Feed of results tagged …”. For example, for this blog’s Perl tag, the link looks like:

and you can use this URL as a feed, e.g. for Ironman challenge.

There is a problem with Ubuntu package, however (Karmic at least). Packaged MT is missing search_templates link in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/movabletype. I reported this bug, and you can apply the simple solution on your own.

Perlmonks on giving ready solutions

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I read Perlmonks irregularly, sometimes I even post something. I give hints, thoughts or bigger chunks of code. But for the first time I got as much as 40% of downvotes on an entry that I think is rather neutral.

I understand that some people don’t like to give others ready solutions, they prefer “to teach others to fish than to give them a fish”. But is it really something that bothers them so much to give thumbs down to the ones who don’t mind? No feelings hurt, I’m just curious…

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